Masha Efrosinina


Masha Efrosinina is a popular Ukrainian TV host, actress, singer, producer and well-known social activist in such funds as "Your support" and "Charity weekend".

Victoria Lyubarevich-Torhova


Lead psychologist of the project "Dear, we kill children!", STB television channel. Bachelor of Psychology, Master of Neuropsychology of Cognitive Development in the UK (Essex).

Anna Kushneruk


Anna Kushneruk - one of the most famous psychologists of Ukraine, with son Ivan. The host of the medical talk-show "Will heal!". Psychologist of the TV-magazine "Everything will be good" on the STB channel.

Oleg Vinnik


Ukrainian singer, composer and songwriter. He is famous in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as the lead actors of popular musicals under the stage name OLEGG.

Dmitry Komarov


Ukrainian journalist, photographer, author and host of "World inside out" TV program on channels 1 + 1, and Friday !.



Football club "Saint-Étienne" is a 10-times champion of France and 6-time winner of the French Cup. For the team played well-known players such as Michel Platini, Jacques Santini, Aime Jacquet, Patrick Battiston, Johnny Rep, Roger Milla, Laurent Blanc and Jérémie Janot.

Svetlana Loboda


Popular Ukrainian singer, a leading philanthropist, songwriter, actress, designer of own brand «F * ck 'n' macho», the photographer, the former singer of the group "VIA Gra" (2004), Honored Artist of Ukraine (2013).

Domanskiy Andrey


Popular Ukrainian anchorman.

Okean Elzy


The legendary Ukrainian rock - band "Okean Elzy" is the most famous and most decorated Ukrainian rock band. Okean Elzy has been recognized many times as the best rock- and live - band of the CIS and East Europe by their admirers and music critics. In 1997, the first tour group, first city - Dnipropetrovsk.

Eugene Seleznev


Ukrainian football striker who plays for Ukrainian Premier League club and FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, with his wife Alla



English professional football club from London, which plays in the Premier League. It founded in 1882. "Tottenham Hotspur" the first in the XX century made a golden double by winning the championship and the FA Cup in the 1960/1961 season.

Patricia Kaas


French singer and actress with an International following



Gaitana is the famous Ukranian singer. In 2008 she was awarded the Ukrainian Music Award for "Best Female Singer of the Year" and for "Best Album of the Year" for the album "Secret Desires". Gaitana represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku.



Legendary German rock-band Scorpions is the most popular rock-band in Germany and one of the most famous rock-bands in the world rock scene. Scorpions is one of the best-selling bands in music history with over 100 million audio recordings sold.

Natalia Buchinskaja


Ukrainian singer, Honored Artist of Ukraine (2004).



PSV Eindhoven is a sports club from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Established in 31.08.1913 as the team of employees of the company "Philips". Winner of the UEFA Cup in 1977 and 1978.

Gryshchenko Kostyantyn

Чудовий Готель в чудовому місті!


Grishchenko was Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for the period 2003-2005 and 2010-2012. Then for 2 years he tooke up a post the position of Vice-Prime-Minister of Ukraine. He has the diplomatic rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

Joahim Garraud

Merci beaucoup!


French DJ, winner of the World Music Award in the category "Best Performer of electronic dance music".

Yaroslav Maly


Frontman of the Ukrainian-Russian rock band "Tokyo"


Perfect Hotel. Great service. Very good restaurant with fantastic cuisine!


American rock-band, established in 1996, by vocalist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody. Group received a huge amount of Awards including two Grammy Awards.

Philipp Kirkorov

Спасибо за гостеприимство! Замечательное место! Обслуживание! Комфорт!


Eightfold winner of "Ovation", fivefold winner of the award «World Music Awards» as the most popular artist of Russia.

Tamara Gverdtsiteli

Спасибо за тёплый приём и гостеприимство! Желаем процветания!


Georgian, russian singer, actress and composer, People's Artist of Georgia and Russia.

Lev Leshchenko

Всех вам благ!!!


Soviet and Russian singer. Also famous lika an artist operetta, teacher. He is an active promoter of basketball.

Sergei Penkin

Спасибо за теплый прием! Желаю здоровья, счастья и праздника в наших серых буднях!


Soviet and Russian singer. Famous range of his voice that cover four octaves.

Ekaterina Serebryanskaya

Відмінний Готель і сервіс. Плюс дуже смачно готують. Дякую!


Ukrainian gymnast. Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics in the individual standings. Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine.

Maxim Galkin

Спасибо за комфорт и уют! С удовольствием вернусь!


Russian parodist, humorist, anchorman, actor and singer. He was awarded the Order of Friendship for his great contribution to the development of broadcasting in Russia.

Daniel Kramer

Спасибо за уют и гостиприимство, был у вас недолго, но с удовольствием, и надеюсь вернуться. Желаю отличного сервиса и множества клиентов!!!


Daniel Kramer People's Artist of Russia. Winner of the European Prize by Gustav Maler. He is the art-director of many Russian jazz festivals.

Grigoriy Reshetnik

Вся команда Axelhof - Ви просто молодці і розумниці! Так тримати! Будьте кращими завжди! Спасибі за все!


Popular Ukrainian anchorman, actor, speaker, showman and public figure. Master of TV-channel STB.

Igor Butman


Russian saxophonist. Honored Artist of Russia (2011). He is the art director of the Moscow jazz club of Igor Butman, producer of the International Festival "Triumph of Jazz" and "Akvajazz", the owner of Russian-American jazz label "Butman Music".

Alexander Revva

Спасибо большое за гостеприимство и за отсутствие безразличия и равнодушия


Alexander Revva is a Russian showman, comedy actor, TV presenter and singer. Teammate of KVN, in 2006 Revva became a "resident" of the Russian Comedy Club.

President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Встретить в одном из областных центров дружественной Украины такой замечательной отель и такую изысканную кухню - приятная неожиданность! Желаю всему персоналу всегда высоко держать марку!


President of the Republic of Tajikistan during his official visit to Ukraine, 16.12.2011.

Luciano Benetton

Con i miei pi sinceri complimenti per il vostro stupendo albergo molto grato anche al vostro personale per il servizio! Molte grazie!


Luciano Benetton - the head of the group and owner of Benetton Group SpA, since 1965. Benetton take up position 130th place in the world list of the magazine Forbes.

Vasilisa Frolova


Popular Ukrainian television presenter.



Ukrainian football club from Kiev, the constant participant of the Ukrainian football championship. The most titled football club in Ukraine


ФК Шахтер благодарит коллектив Axelhof Boutique Hotel за теплый прием и высокопрофессиональное обслуживание!


Ukrainian football club from Donetsk. It founded in 1936. The first ever Ukrainian club which won the UEFA Cup 2009. Ninefold Ukrainian champion, ninefold winner of the Cup of Ukraine, fivefold winner of the Super Cup of Ukraine.

Stas Mihaylov

Счастья, добра, благополучия! Храни Вас Бог!


Russian pop singer, songwriter, Honored Artist of Russian Federation in 2010. Winner of the "Chanson of the Year" in the category "Artist of the Year" (Radio Chanson), "Golden Gramophone" (Russian Radio) and the festival "Song of the Year."

Boris Burda

Здесь очень просто ощутить себя Очень Важной Персоной. Этому способствует всё: и помещение, и обслуживание, и качество блюд - всё на очень высоком уровне, с неподдельным вниманием к гостю. Так что, если не боитесь зазнаться - заезжайте в Axelhof Boutique Hotel


Anchorman, singer, winner of many festivals of art song, chef, a connoisseur of the game "What? Where? When?",player of "Own game", a journalist and writer.

Grigory Leps

Большое спасибо за гостеприимство. Удачи и процветания.


Russian singer, composer, producer and member of the International Union of pop art. Honored Artist of Russia in 2011. Winner of "World Music Awards", "Song of the Year", "Golden Gramophone" and many others.

Valeriy Leontiev

У вас тихо и тепло. Спасибо за уют и до встречи!


Soviet and Russian singer, songwriter and an actor. Honored Artist of Russia in 1996. Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR in 1987. Winner of «World Music Awards», «ZD Awards», «Ovation", "Golden Gramophone" and many other awards.

Mikhail Turetsky

Ваша гостиница - лучшее место в городе! Так держать!


Russian showman, conductor, singer, producer and founder of the art group «Сhoir of Turetsky» and «SOPRANO of Turetsky". Honored Artist of Russia in 2010.

Hollywood FM

Спасибо Вам за теплый прием! Всё очень понравилось!


Ukrainian female pop- band that has existed since August 2008 and ended by the end of 2012.


Спасибо Вам за прекрасную атмосферу.


Ukrainian pop group, was founded in 2007. In 2011, "A.R.M.I.A" represented Ukraine at the international music festival "Viña del Mar" in Chile - the biggest festival in South America, comparable in scale to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Andrey Malahov

Спасибо за удивительный уют и домашнюю атмосферу в отеле. Жалко, что только одна ночь... Желаю, чтобы через 50 лет Вы сохранили свою индивидуальность и стиль.


Russian TV-journalist, showman, host of special projects studio of "Channel One", the chief editor of «StarHit» journal and professor of journalistic courses in the Russian State Humanitarian University.

President of the State of Israel Shimon Peres

У Вас есть маленький отель, который по-настоящему велик. С огромной благодарностью, Шимон Перес.


Israel president Shimon Peres during his official visit to Ukraine, November 25-26, 2010.

Nadezhda Kadysheva

Лучший отель! Прекрасное обслуживание! Так держать! С любовью к Вам


Russian pop folk singer, soloist of the "Golden Ring". Honorary citizen of Bugulma. Honored Artist of Russia in 1999, honored Artist of Mordovia, honored artist of Tatarstan.


Хотим поблагодарить персонал отеля Axelhof за теплый прием и замечательный сервис.


Russian club of Moscow region, playing in Professional Basketball League and now plays in VTB United League. 7-time vice-champion of Russia in 2006 2008-2012,2015. Winner of the League Cup in 2011 and two-time winner of the European Cup in 2012, 2015. The predecessor of BC «Khimki» - Moscow «Builder».